Thursday, October 3, 2013

The 69th Indiana

From Wikipedia. //// The 69th Indiana was organized in Richmond, Indiana, and mustered in for three years service on August 19, 1862 under the command of Col. Thomas Warren Bennett. They mustered out July 5, 1865. //// They fought at the Battle of Richmond, Kentucky on August 30, 1862 and the regiment was captured and paroled. //// Next they took part in operations against and around Vicksburg, Mississippi, including Sherman's Yazoo Expedition, Chickasaw Bluff, Port Gibson, Champion Hill and the Siege of Vicksburg. After that they were at the Siege of Jackson, Mississippi. //// On December 18, 1863, they were sent to Matagorda, Texas, where the incident with the 23 men from the regiment drowning took place March 13, 1864. (See today's Running the Blockade Civil War Navy blog entry.) //// During the course of the war, the regiment lost 331 men who died. Three officers and 77 enlisted were kiled or mortally wounded in action. Three officers and 248 men died from diseases. //// --Old Secesh

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