Friday, October 18, 2013

Finding the Real "Old Glory"-- Part 7

Locals made another attempt to take the flag. When an armed squad arrived on his front porch, William Driver confronted them, "If you want my flag you'll have to take it over my dead body." They retreated. //// Driver was now convinced that the flag was in imminent danger and with the help of Unionist women in the neighborhood, had it swen into a coverlet where it remained until late February 1862 when Nashville was taken, the first Confederate capital to be captured. //// Union troops led by the 6th Ohio entered the city. When Driver saw the Stars and Stripes and regimental flags go up on the flagstaff of the Capitol building, he made his way to General William "Bull" Nelson and introduced himself as a former sea captain and loyal Unionist and then produced his coverlet. //// And the General's Sitting There Wondering, "What?" --Old Secesh

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