Friday, January 7, 2011

Civil War Relics and Their History-- Part 2

Part 1 was all the way back to Sept. 28, 2010. I was writing about relics and their histories at the Historical Crafts and Farm Skills Festival in Aberdeen, NC, on Sept. 24, 2010 from the Southern Pines (NC) Pilot. Hit the labels below to see the first entry.

EVANS' GOLD MEDALS-- One of only two or three known bronze copies of the gold medal given to South Carolina Brigadier General Nathan G. "Shanks" Evans by the state legislature for his gallantry at the Battle of Ball's Bluff near Leesburg, Virginia, Oct. 21, 1861. The original is in the Confederate Museum in Richmond.

LEATHER SWORD BELT-- belonged to slain Confederate militia officer 1st Lt. James T. Weir (23rd SC Volunteers) captured in 1862 at the battle of Kinston, North Carolina. Taken by Gary Voorhees, 9th NJ Volunteers. It has a string tag attached to it marked, "Taken from the body of a dead C.S.A. captain." Voorhees mistook the double-bar shoulder strap worn by officers in both Confederate and Union armies. Confederate commander at Kinston was Nathan Evans.

MODEL 1861 COLT NAVY PISTOL-- engraved G.E. Manigault on butt strap. Gabriel Manigault was from the noted and wealthy Manigault family from Charles, SC, and a member of the Charleston Dragoons. He was captured at the Battle of Trevilian Station, Va., in June 1864. he survived the war and was a professor at the College of Charleston until his death in 1899.

More to Come (And I Promise Not Another Three Months). --Old B-Runner

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