Saturday, January 1, 2011

CSS Peedee Found-- Part 2

Michael Hartley, a North Carolina archaeologist was only 12 when he remembered seeing and attempted recovery of the Peedee back in 1954. The water was especially low that year and the wreck was clearly visible. he made a map of it which was used for the relocation. Chris Amer said he was able to go right to the wreck's location.

He took magnetic readings which proved positive for Hartley's location.

In November, Amer used sonar to search for it an found evidence of the wreck: ripples on the sand where sediment had built up over the debris, magnetic "hits" in straight lines depicting the iron bolts along bedding timber.

It's in pieces and buried and no one is sure exactly how deep.

The Confederates set fire to the 170-foot boat and it blew up so it wouldn't fall into Union hands as Sherman's army approached.

More to Come. --Old B-Runner

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