Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CSS Peedee Found-- Part 4

From the Dec. 28, 2010, Columbia (SC) Free Times "Gunboat Discovery Came After Years of Sightings, Botched Efforts" by Craig Brandhorst.

The recent discovery of the Peedee (or is it the Pee Dee) has caused lots of press coverage (but none here in Chicago).

The Peedee's wreck was discovered near the South Carolina town of Marion back in November. The ship was one of 22 similar Confederate gunboats constructed at inland naval yards across the south. They were built there for safety reasons from Union attack.

Two of the ship's three cannons were discovered 18 months earlier. They will be raised next summer and after conservation, will be housed in the Florence County Museum. A third cannon is also being sought.


It can be described as humble at best. The 150-foot-long ship never went to open sea as Georgetown, at the mouth of the Peedee River, was already in Union hands. Launched in January 1865, it only fired its guns at the enemy in one minor skirmish.

Continuing. --Old B-R'er

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