Saturday, January 15, 2011

Second Attack on Fort Fisher: January 15, 1865

Today marks the 146th anniversary of the Union capture of Confederate Fort Fisher guarding the last open Southern port, Wilmington, North Carolina.

MORNING-- The bombardment commences again and continues along the land front up until the ground assault. Some reinforcements from Hoke's division arrive from battery Buchanan. Union troops from Adelbert Ames' division, about 4,200 men, are in position about 500 yards away from Fisher. Arranged in three attack waves were the brigades of Newton Curtis, Galusha Pennypacker and Louis Bell.

Admiral Porter's attack force, 2,261 sailors and marines, come ashore.

2 PM-- Union troops 300 yards from the fort.

2:30 PM-- The last of 350 soldiers from Hoke arrive at the fort. The garrison now numbers 1,900. Only two cannons on land face still operational.

3:25 PM-- The fleet stops bombardment along the land face but continues along the sea face. All Union warships sound an ear-splitting blast from their steam whistles, signaling the commencement of the ground attack.

"Such a hell of a noise I never expected to hear again."-- Lt. Cmdr. William B. Cushing.

It's In the Fire Now. --Old B-Runner

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