Friday, January 28, 2011

The Peace in Union Painting by Thomas Nast-- Part 2

When Herman Kohlsaat met Thomas Nast in London in 1894, he offered the painter $10,000 for the portrait and Nast began it at his New Jersey home. He put the final touches on it in Chicago on April 9, 1895, the 30th anniversary of Lee's surrender.

It was taken to Galena on a special train and unveiled at Turner Hall. Then, it was moved to the Galena Public Library, located on the second floor of the downtown post office where it remained until 1938.

When the Galena Historical Society Museum opened that year, it was moved to that building.

This was not achieved easily and had to be done by hand and carried physically up the side of a hill behind the museum. The frame was partially removed and corners of the painting rolled down slightly to fit through a large window.

You can see it today in the museum's Civil War room.

Definitely on My Agenda Next Trip. --Old B-Runner

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