Friday, January 14, 2011

Rare Price's Creek Lighthouse Postcard Acquired

From the October 2, 2010, Southport (NC) Times.

The Southport Times has been collecting postcards of Southport since 2004, and recently they saw one become available, only the second time they had seen one. The first time that one went for just under $200.00.

The Price's Creek Lighthouse was completed in 1849 and consisted of two different structures, a front and rear range light. Vessels coming into the Cape Fear River would line up the lights to ensure that they were safely in the middle of the channel.

The rear range light and lighthouse keeper's home is pictured on this postcard. The light was on top of the house. It is no longer there with speculation that its structure was used in local building projects.

The front range light can still be seen from the Southport-Fort Fisher Ferry when approaching the Southport dock. It is on private property.

The lights were used during the Civil War.

You can see the postcard and all the rest of the collection at

They also have an equally rare old postcard from 1939 with a 1 cent Franklin stamp of the front range light.

The rear range light and house was published in 1908 by E.C. Kropp of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and postmarked July 22, 1908. A 1 cent Benjamin Franklin stamp is also on it as well.

A Bit of Lost History. --Old B-Runner

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