Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fort Sumter Stamp Due This Year

From the Dec. 29, 2010, Myrtle Beach (SC) Sun News.

The post office has announced stamps they'll be issuing this upcoming year.

Of particular interest to us Civil War nuts is the firing on Fort Sumter April 12-13th, 1861 The Fort Sumter National Monument will also be holding events to commemorate it from April 9-17th.

Other stamps coming out:

RONALD REAGAN-- 100th anniversary of his birth in February.
INDY 500-- 100th anniversary
KANSAS-- 150th anniversary of statehood
MANNED SPACE FLIGHT-- 50th anniversary of Alan Shepard's flight, first American in space.
DISNEY-PIXAR FILMS-- Toy Story, Cars, Ratatouille, Up and WALL-E.

All new 1-ounce first class stamps will be marked FOREVER which means you will always be able to use just this stamp to mail a letter even if the price, currently 44 cents, goes up.

That's Nice. --B-R'er

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