Friday, January 28, 2011

SCV Radio Commercial for Fort Fisher

This story covers three of my favorite things: Beach Music, SCV and Fort Fisher.

This morning while listening Todd Bell on North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina's WNMB AM station, I heard a commercial sponsored by the North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) urging people to visit historic Fort Fisher to get in touch with their Southern heritage.

As a proud member of the Camp Douglas camp of the SCV, it is good to hear the organization in the news like that.

And, Fort Fisher is what got me interested in the Civil War back when I was seven. I was even going to write a book about it at one time until several excellent ones came out.

Plus, I am a huge fan of East Coast Carolina Beach Music. I used to listen to Bell on the Surf 94.9 FM, but that station went off the air suddenly a couple weeks ago. I was glad to see he landed at WNMB and is continuing to play all that great music.

Good Things on the Radio. --Old Blockade-Runner

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