Thursday, January 13, 2011

Second Battle of Fort Fisher 146th Anniversary

JANUARY 13, 1865

1 am-- Hoke's division en route from Wilmington to Sugar Loaf (north of Fort Fisher)

7:20 am-- Union gunboats begin shelling a n area four miles north of Fisher which will be used as a landing zone.

At the same time, another massive bombardment of Fisher begins.

8 am-- hundreds of launches and boats begin loading troops at transports for landing.

Col. Lamb receives 700 men as reinforcement. Garrison now 1,550 men.

Gen. Whiting arrives at Battery Buchanan and joins Lamb at Fisher.

5 pm-- Union troops begin moving southward from landing zone.

8 pm-- Whiting wires Bragg asking why the enemy on the beach haven't been attacked.

The Beginning of the End. --Old B-Runner

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