Friday, January 7, 2011

Civil War Relics and Their History-- Part 3

I always enjoy seeing any historical relics, but also like to know their histories along with how they came to be in the museum. This article was of particular interest and it DIDN'T take me three months to follow up on part 2 like the last time. Items in the Clayton-Blair History Museum in North Carolina.

PRIVATE CRAWFORD'S HANDMADE DRINKING CUP FROM PRISON-- Made from a powder horn with his name and regiment carved into it: "William Crawford, Co. G 25th SCV, Elmira, NY 1865."

Private Crawford made it while a POW at the Union Elmira Prison after his capture at Fort Fisher Jan. 15, 1865. He arrived at "Hellmira" Jan. 30th and died of pneumonia March 7. He is buried at the prison's cemetery.

Elmira was not opened until may 1864, but had the highest death rate of any Union prison, 25%.


DOG TAGS from a 2nd Michigan and a 12th New Hampshire volunteer, one of whom became a deserter.

PALMETTO REGIMENT SILVER MEDAL of a Mexican War veteran who also served in the 6th SC Cavalry.

FEDERAL CARBINE CARTRIDGE BOX with penciled soldier's name, Jacob Rey, that appears to be from a southern unit. Probably captured at some point.

CSA BRASS BELT BUCKLE with the name Bill or Billie scratched on the back.

Of Definite Interest. --Old B-R'er

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