Thursday, January 6, 2011

Looking for Sherman's March Across South Carolina

From the September 7, 2010, University of South Carolina Gamecock "USC archaeologist to research Sherman's march across SC" by Sara Hartley.

Steven Smith, an archaeologist at the USC College of Arts and Sciences will begin an in depth study of the path Union General Sherman took when he left Savannah, Ga., and marched across South Carolina.

The two-year project will include checking out sites associated with the march and is funded by a $64,200 grant from the American battlefield Protection Program, a part of the National Parks Service who gave out 25 grants.

Mr. Smith will be identifying and providing status reports on battle and camp sites along Sherman's route.

He will be documenting sixty sites but will do no excavating. The goal is to identify and lay the groundwork for preserving these places. In addition, two Union POW camps within the city limits of Columbia will be researched. Their exact locations are not now known.

For the last 30 years, Mr. Smith has been doing archaeological work and the last 18 has specialized in military sites in South Carolina and the southeast.

Uncovering the Past. --Old B-Runner

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