Monday, January 3, 2011

CSS Peedee Found-- Part 3

The Peedee was further damaged early in the 1900s when the US Army Corps of Engineers were clearing the Peedee River channel.

In 1925, the propellers were salvaged, and, in 1954, the two engines, a boiler, propeller shafts and a 30-foot section of the stern were reclaimed from the river.

Amer will ask local loggers this spring to move the logs holding down the brooks gun in preparation for raising it and the other one. He hopes that perhaps the logs are also hiding the third cannon they are looking for.

The logs are a remnant of the Mars Bluff Shipyard, one of seven inland Confederate navy yards, where the Peedee was built.

Here's Hoping for the Third Gun. --Old B-Runner

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