Saturday, April 1, 2017

2017 Murders in New Orleans (and (l)ouisville)

While I can still use New Orleans in the upper case.  When they take down the statues, their shame will be partly reflected with going to lower case (n)ew (o)rleans.

From the New Orleans Murder Map 2017, which shows where the murders take place:

50 murdered so far in 2017.  A total of 175 murdered in 2016.

By the way, (l)ouisville had 18 murders recorded in the first two months of 2017.

Again, it would seem the mayor and councils of either city should have a bigger thing to solve than removing the Confederate statues.

Word to the wise, not one single Confederate Flag, memorial or statue is suspected of any murder in New Orleans or (l)ouisville.

Seems To Me, Bodies Are A Bigger Threat Than Those Statues And Memorials.  --Old Secesh

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