Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Yankee in Dixie: Shorpy Photo, Charleston, S.C.

From the March 21, 2017, Shorpy Photo site, "A Yankee in Dixie: 1865.  April 1865.  "Charleston, South Carolina.  Headquarters of General John P. Hatch, South Battery."  This would be during the Union occupation of the city.  There is bunting in the mansion, two USCT guarding the house and Union officers on the porch.

The house next door has black cloth wrapped around its porch columns.

Comment:  There is a picture of the houses today.  The black crepe embellishing thecolumns is for the dead President Lincoln.  In the case that the next-door home belongs to a Southern symphatizer I would think it might be for the end of the Confederacy.

--Old Secesh

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