Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Black Man Wanted To Kill As Many Whites As He Could In California

We get the news from Fresno, California, that a black man set out on a vendetta to kill as many white people as he could.  He killed three white people.  This really sounds racist to me.

And, like the Charleston killer, he wasn't even nice enough to die.  The coward.

This is a horrible story.

But, when the sorry excuse in Charleston killed those Blacks in the church, there was a huge backlash against all things Confederate, especially the flag.  Since this was one deranged person doing something in the case of the Charleston white supremacist, and the blame was placed on all with a Confederate heritage, I suppose we should be able to find something that Blacks do that we don't like and demand it to be "erased" and "cleansed."

Let's see.  What should we "Demand."

It's Only Fair.  --Old Secesh

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