Thursday, April 20, 2017

Montgomery Dent Corse, CSA-- Part 1: A Strong Military Background

From Wikipedia.

March 14, 1816-February 11, 1895.

Banker, gold prospector and soldier.  Commanded the 17th Virginia Infantry, then Corse's Brigade of Pickett's Division, Army of Northern Virginia.  He fought in several big battles.

Born in Alexandria, Virginia,   Captain in the 1st Virginia Regiment in the Mexican War.  Sailed to California in 1849 and participated in the Gold Rush there.  Returned to Alexandria in 1856 and entered the banking business with his brothers.

Three years later he was the first lieutenant in the Alexandria Home Guard.  In 1860, he organized a militia company known as the Old Dominion Rifles and became its captain.

A Strong Military Background.  --Old Secesh

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