Monday, April 17, 2017

Chicago Murder and Shootings to Date

And while Blacks everywhere are so much against anything Confederate, here's what is going on in Chicago.

I'm listening to WXRT right now and they are saying that over the weekend 39 people were wounded in Chicago, one of whom was killed.

These figures are primarily of Blacks killing other Blacks and from the site Hey Jackass: Chicago Murder and Mayhem.

So far in April:

24 killed
159 wounded.

For the last week (4-9 to 4-15):

9 killed
80 wounded

Year To Date:

160 killed
758 wounded

Meanwhile, U.S. deaths in Afghanistan so far in 2017 have been two.

And Yet, They Are Really Upset About Anything Confederate.  You's Have To Think This Would Be a Bigger Issue.  --Old Secesh

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