Saturday, August 13, 2011

3rd Tennessee Deaths at Camp Douglas in Chicago

Conditions experienced at Chicago's Camp Douglas were horrible to say the least. During the seven months of incarceration there in 1862, seventeen died.

1. John M. Bass-- March 11
2. Blooming Birdwell-- Sept. 27
3. D. B. Boswell-- March 7
4. M.P. Branch
5. William P. Burton-- May 1
6. A.E. Cardwell-- Sept. 4
7. John W. Childers
8. Yancey Meredith Griggs-- March 26
9. Richard F. Harwell-- May 13
10. Hiram Helmick-- March 27
11. C.E. Hubble March 16
12. T.C. Hubble (perhaps these two were brothers or related?)
13. E.J. Pateet-- June
14. Levi W. Ross Be
15. J.D. Rutledge-- April 16
16. W.A. Scott-- June
17. James M. Waldrop-- March 26

In addition, William D. Suttle died at the Battle of Bentonville in North Carolina in 1865.

Things weren't all that great at Camp Cheatham either. In June 1861, eight died while there. And, it was a Confederate camp.

The Story of a Regiment. --Old B-Runner

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