Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Richard Kidder Meade-- Part 6

Earlier this month I was writing about this man and his short but interesting Civil War service. The last entry was August 3rd.

While at Fort Fisher a few days ago, I learned that part of the fort was named Batter Meade and had been designed by Richard Kidder Meade during the short time he was there. It no longer mounted guns by the time the fort was attacked and had been turned into a hospital to which Col. Lamb and Gen. Whiting were taken after they were wounded in action. They were later moved to Battery Buchanan where they and the garrison surrendered.

On December 27, 1860, Major Robert Anderson sent this telegram from Fort Sumter to Col. S. Cooper:

"This afternoon an armed steamer, one of two which have been watching these two forts, between which they have been passing to and fro or anchored for the last night, took possession by escalade of Castle Pinckney. Lieutenant Meade made no resistance. He is with us to-night.

They also took possession to-night of Fort Moultrie, from which I withfrew the remainder of my men this afternoon, leaving the fort in charge of the overseer of the men employed by the Engineer Department."

What kind of resistance to he expect Meade to put up when he only had one soldier with him? Or perhaps the fact that Meade was a Southerner made Anderson wonder where the man's loyalties truly were.

The Plot Thickens. --Old B-R'er

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