Saturday, August 6, 2011

Camp Dennison, Ohio-- Part 2

During the course of the war, some 50,000 troops trained there and at its peak, 12,000 were at the camp.

During Jenkins' 1862 and Morgan's 1863 raids, men from the camp deployed to meet the threat.

Shortly after the Battle of Shiloh, a 200+ hospital was set up on the grounds and wooden barracks were converted to hospital wards.

Men died at the hospital, and temporarily 340 Union and 31 Confederate prisoners were buried at Waldschmidt Cemetery before being reinterred in the late 1860s at Spring Grove Cemetery and Camp Chase in Columbus.

The camp was deactivated in September 1865 and over time, the small town of Camp Dennison grew up around it. Many later barns and homes were built from lumber and materials from the camp.

In 1973, two remaining buildings from the fort/camp were entered into the National Register for Historic Places as the Waldschmidt-Camp Dennison Historic District.

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