Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Richard Kidder Meade-- Part 5

For a guy I had never heard of before, this is getting pretty deep.

The ex-US Congressman Meade died April 20, 1862. His son, the Confederate officer died July 31, 1862. So, they died just over three months apart.


** December 1860 armament: four 42-pdrs, fourteen 24-pdrs, four 8-inch seacoast howitzers, one 10-inch mortar, and four light artillery pieces.

** December 3, 1860, Lt. J.C. Davis (no relation to future Confederate President Davis) and twenty laborers placed in the fort.

** December 11, 1860, Lt. Meade relieves Lt. Davis of command. The garrison now at 4 mechanics, 30 laborers and an ordnance sergeant and his family.

** December 20, 1860, South Carolina secedes.

And It Continues. --Old B-Runner

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