Saturday, August 27, 2011

ECU Students Working with Cargo of Blockade-Runner Modern Greece-- Part 2

Two pictures accompanied the article, one of a student holding a copper chain on an Enfield rifle from the ship and the other showing pieces of tableware.

The Modern Greece was one of the first runners lost to the blockade off Wilmington. It was an English cargo steamer and not-built for its new activity, especially because of its deep draft. It was carrying a load of consumer goods and weapons for the Confederacy.

It was chased aground June 27, 1862 and sunk by its crew to prevent the gunpowder kegs from exploding.

Students worked to record the type and condition of artifacts and photographed many to evaluate their future conservation.

Items included Enfield rifles, antler-handled knives, handcuffs, hoes, picks and other 1800s farm and household goods.

I Would Have Been Happy to Volunteer My Time. Let Me Know Next Time. --Old B-Runner

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