Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Big Day in Naval History Today: Naval Aviation and Steel Navy

From the Civil War Naval Chronology for August 3, 1861, 150 years ago.

I've been getting this off the web, but it turns out I also have the book.

This date, 150 years ago:

** JOHN LaMOUNTAIN ascended from a balloon from the deck of the USS Fanny at Hampton Roads to observe Confederate batteries at Sewell's Point, Virginia. This would be the beginning of Naval Aviation.

** Also this date: Congress authorized Secretary of the Navy Welles to "appoint a board of three skillful naval officers to investigate the plans and specifications that may be submitted for the construction or completing of iron or steel-clad steamships or steam batteries...there is hereby appointed...the sum of one million five hundred thousand dollars."

Commodore Joseph Smith, Captain Hiram Pauling and Commander Charles H. Davis appointed to the Ironclad Board August 8th. The beginning of the steel navy.

Also this date:

** The USS Wabash, Captain Mercer, recaptured the American schooner Mary Alice, which had been taken by the Confederate privateer Dixie. It also captured the blockade-running brig Sarah Starr, off Charleston, SC.

** The USS South Carolina, Commander Alden, engaged Confederate batteries at Galveston, Texas.

Quite a Day for the US Navy. --Old B-R'er

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