Tuesday, August 9, 2011

3rd Tennessee Infantry-- Part 2

Camp Cheatham was located near Springfield, Tennessee.

On February 8, 1862, the regiment, numbering 750 men, was at Fort Donelson, Tennessee and was captured with 13 killed and 56 wounded.

The officers were sent to Fort Warren, Massachusetts, and Camp Chase in Ohio. NCOs and enlisted were booked for a steamboat trip to Camp Douglas in Chicago, including Jerome McCanless and the rooster Jake.

This would mean he was not an officer when captured at Fort Donelson.

A few of the 3rd escaped the confines, but the rest suffered through a Chicago winter with insufficient food and clothing. At least twelve died at the camp while others died on the northward journey.

They were paroled September 23, 1862.

Sent to Vicksburg, Mississippi, they were no longer prisoners, but couldn't rejoin the Confederate Army until they were exchanged, which happened November 10th.

They reorganized in Jackson, Mississippi with 607 present.

Colonel John C. Brown, their former commander, was now a brigadier general and called away to Bragg's Army at Chattanooga.

Parole Me. Exchange Me. --Old B-R'er

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