Monday, August 22, 2011

Joined FOFF: Friends of Fort Fisher

Friday, I drove from Topsail Beach to Fort Fisher, around 45 miles.  I hadn't been to the fort for quite a few years since we've been going to Topsail Beach because that is where Mom has her townhouse.

Part of the distance is that we are seven miles down Topsail Island from Surf City.  And the Wilmington area has horrendous traffic.

I took a walk around the museum and looked at the store which has a lot of great books on Fort Fisher, blockade-running and the Wilmington area during the war.I had already intended to join the group before I even came down after reading about the things they do for Fort Fisher.

I took the guided walking tour of the fort with a very knowledgeable man, but found out that even though he volunteered his time for the tours, he was not a member of FOFF.

It cost $25 to join, and one immediate benefit was being able to buy items from the museum store for 25% off.  I bought the new Chris Fonveille book on the photographs of T.H. O'Sullivan of Fort Fisher taken after it fell.

As a Fort Fisher Fan, I Sure Had to Join This Great Organization.  --Old B-Runner


pete said...

The new Fonvielle book is great stuff - I was just down in the area between Bolivia and Oak Island visiting the folks and paid the annual visit to the Fort. I also happened upon the newly renovated Southport maritime Museum - had some great blockade running items in there. The museum there also had Fonveille's book on Fort Adams - which I picked up along with Jacob Cox's work on his time in North Carolina. I had joined the Friends as well on my last time down there - what a gem of a place.

RoadDog said...

I will definitely plan on going to the Southport Maritime Museum the next time I'm there.

Southport is doing a great job with its heritage aand are putting together quite a postcard collection.

The story of the Price's Creek Lighthouses is interesting.