Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene's Damage to Cape Fear Coast; Not Much

The August 28th Chron.com headlined "Few signs of Irene in beach towns near Wilmington."

They reported hundreds of people on the beaches of Carlina Beach and Kure Beach Sunday, enjoying sunny skies and gentle waves.

The reporter saw some piles of branches and palm fronds and some standing water in places.

At Carolina Beach, the beachfront road had already been plowed of the sand that had washed up on it.

Several life guard stands had been blown over and there were signs of beach erosion at Kure Beach.

At Fort Fisher, stairs leading to two dune walkovers were washed away, leaving a ten-foot drop to the beach. Several black pipes that carry rainwater to the beach were uncovered.

I'm wondering if they had any hurricanes by Fort Fisher during the Civil War?

But, It Could Have Been Much Worse. Like Jimmy Buffett says, "Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season." --Old B-Runner

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