Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cape Hatteras Commemoration-- Part 1

From the Summer Hallowed Ground Magazine of the CWPT.

The Friends of The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum has formed a "Flags Over Hatteras" committee which has organized two events to commemorate the events at Hatteras Inlet 150 years ago.

The BLUE GRAY REUNION is by invitation only to descendants of military personnel who participated in the action at Hatteras Inlet August 28-29, the capture of the USS Fanny on October 1, 1861, (I wrote about this ship earlier this month) and the Chicamacomico Races of August-October 1861.

Activities will include sharing ancestor information, memoirs, journals, photos, relics and artifacts. Speakers and era music will be provided, but registration is required.

I think they should have this open to anyone.

Then, There's a Civil War Conference. --Old B-Runner

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