Thursday, August 25, 2011

USS Granite City: Confederate/Union/Confederate

Back on August 17th, I was writing about the USS Penguin (kind of an unlikely name for a naval warship if you ask me) which had been responsible for destroying the first blockade-runner off the Cape Fear/Wilmington area in 1861.

Later in the war, it captured a Confederate blockade-runner called the Granite City off Texas. It seemed to me that I had heard of a USS Granite City, maybe even written about it, so it was to good old Wiki I went.

This blockade-runner had a very interesting career, and, I had been right, at one time it was the USS Granite City.

It had started out as a blockade-runner and had been captured. After condemnation in prize court, the US Navy bought it and turned it into a warship.

Later, the Confederates captured the ship and it was converted into a blockade-runner and then run ashore by the Penguin.

Not Your Usual Ship's History. --Old B-Runner

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