Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The History of Macomb's Civil War Cannon-- Part 2

Robert P. Parrott, a USMA graduate and later owner of the West Point Foundry in New York, established 1836. During the Civil War, his company became a major supplier of the Union war effort.

He provided artillery at cost, refusing to make a profit.

One innovative design his company came up with was a rifled cannon with a distinctive cast iron band at the breech to provide reinforcement.

The 4.2-inch 30 pound rifle that came to Macomb was capable of firing a 29 pound explosive shell nearly four miles with great accuracy and force.

Many different sizes of Parrott rifles were made, but this particular one was the most popular. But, at 4200 pounds, it was too heavy for field operations and most-often used for siege or defense operations.

The Chandler Park Parrott was cast in 1864, gun #367. Beyond that, none of its history is known, but there is a chance it might have been used at Petersburg, Savannah or in Washington DC's defenses.

Today, fewer than 200 of the cannons remain.

Parrtt Rifles. --Old B-Runner

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