Monday, August 15, 2011

Wings Over the Neuse II

From the August 12th

Darn, I missed out on it again as it was held this past Friday. Two of my favorite things came together, bbq wings and the Confederate Navy in Kinston, North Carolina. I've written about it before. Maybe next year.

This was a fundraiser put on by the CSS Neuse II Foundation, a group of volunteers responsible for the full-size replica of the original CSS Neuse, whose hull is nearby.

The wings were served from 10:30 am to 6 pm or until run out and for $5 you get 5 wings, celery, carrots and dipping sauce. The good stuff could be picked up or eaten on the CSS Neuse II grounds. They plan to cook 5,000 wings in a tomato-based, mild, sweet, but not spicy. What? No Carolina bbq sauce?

The first Wings Over the Neuse was in 2009 to raise money for a memorial to Ted Sampley who was the driving force for the full-sized replica of the original ship. He had died earlier that year.

The second was for Alton Stapleford, the man responsible for designing and building the ship. This last one was to raise money to finish the Stapleford memorial and improve the landscaping on the grounds. Stapleford's memorial will be dedicated October 8th at another even called Breakfast on the Boat.

Eatin' and Supportin'. --Old B-R'er

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