Saturday, August 6, 2011

Camp Dennison, Ohio-- Part 1

In my Roadlog Blog from today, I wrote about the Schoolhouse Restaurant in Camp Dennison (Cincinnati) which was built in 1863 and supposedly Abraham Lincoln visited it. This would be a definite Civil War tie-in. Plus, I seemed to remember a Camp Dennison being a training camp for Union troops in Ohio during the war. Since quite a few Union training camps were turned into Confederate prison camps, perhaps this one was too.

Friend Denny Gibson made a comment saying he had been to the restaurant and that it had been a training camp and also a hospital. He didn't know about it being a prison and that it had a small museum.

I had to do some research on it.

Thanks good old Wikipedia.

The camp was a military training and medical post near Cincinnati. It was named after that city's native and governor of Ohio at the beginning of the war, William Dennison.

The site was chosen by Captain (later general) William S. Rosecrans with much of the land being leased from local farmers who really made out like bandits, getting $12 to $20 an acre a month, a huge amount of money back then. It was laid out on April 24, 1861, just 12 days after the firing on Fort Sumter.

Mighty Rich Farmers. --Old B-R'er

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