Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fort Fisher Confederate Veterans 1865-1935

The Fort Fisher Museum at Kure Beach, North Carolina, has a new exhibit by the entrance about the organizations of veterans who participated in the two battles for the fort.

I have written about them before.

In 1875, the fort's commander, Colonel William Lamb organized the first reunion in Wilmington. By the 1890s, the two sides had begun to reconcile enough, that former enemies participated in the reunions.

The 1907 reunion was the largest with more than 500 old warriors attending. At it, former Private Benjamin Seeley of the 117th New York met the wounded man he had captured 42 years earlier, James Smith, and the two men were photographed shaking hands.

A photo of the 1905 reunion was also on exhibit.

One of the purposes of the reunions and associations was to have Fort Fisher made into a national park, but that never came to pass.

Let the Old Bad Times Be Remembered. --Old B-Runner

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