Thursday, August 11, 2011

Naval Affairs August 5th to August 13th: Today, First Blockade-Runner Destroyed at Wilmington

The blockade at Wilmington, NC, was initiated just a month earlier, July 14th, by the USS Daylight, under Commander Samuel Lockwood.

On today's date, August 11th, 150 years ago, the Blockade Runner Louisa, pursued by the USS Penguin, Commander John L. Livingston, struck a shoal near the Cape Fear River, NC, and sank.

Confedeerate privateers were still causing problems.

Aug. 5th-- Privateer Jefferson Davis captured Santa Clara off Puerto Rico.
Aug. 9th-- Privateer York captured schooner George G. Baker. The USS Union, Commander J.R. Goldsborough, recaptured it. The York was set on fire off Cape Hatteras to prevent her capture by the Union.

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